Which Call of Duty Games Have Zombies. Which call of duty game has zombies

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Zombie Cold War is one of the most expansive, accessible, and playable zombie modes in the illustrious Call of Duty undead story.

Ranking All Call Of Duty Zombies Modes

Since their debut in Call of Duty: World At War, the Zombie modes that appear in Call of Duty have often gone hand in hand. The co-op mode, where a group of four attempts to survive the endless waves of the undead, became a hit with the community thanks to its innovative gameplay, compelling storyline, and hours of fun it provides.

There have been many iterations of Zombie modes throughout the history of Call of Duty, some of which are extremely popular thanks to their simplified gameplay, and others are not as popular due to their sub-standard map design and failure to capture the essence of what Zombies are.

With just a few weeks to the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and a whole new Zombie experience, we thought it would be a good idea to travel deep into memory and rank all Zombie modes from worst to best!

Advanced Warfare

All Call Of Duty Zombie modes

The 2014 release of Advanced Warfare made a huge difference to the series. Sledgehammer Games introduced verticality to the movement mechanics, allowing players to jump twice as high and dash in any direction.

Advanced Warfare was also the first Call of Duty title to include a Zombies mode that wasn’t developed by Treyarch, and given the success of Black Ops Zombies, Sledgehammer had a few unusually large boots to fill.

With such innovation exposed, community expectations were extremely high, but those expectations quickly fell short of the Advanced Warfare series. The EMZ has proven to be extremely unpopular with players thanks to their ability to disable the exo player suit, and the less talk about the Burger Town map, the better.

For those looking for challenges, the “Five” map was available after completing the last mission of the campaign. This map has the most unique cast of characters including John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamar, Richard Nixon, and Fidel Castro as they try to survive in the Pentagon.

Call of Duty: World at War

Zombies stem from the first Call of Duty title released in 2008, World at War. The zombie mini-map was then part of the four maps available in the game. This map was called Nacht der Untoten and it represented the plan of today’s zombies.

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Following the immediate success of this game mode, Treyarch released two DLC maps, one called Verruckt and the other called Shi No Numa. However, it was Der Riese, the third map of the DLC, that had the biggest impact on zombie mode as it introduced key elements such as the Pack-a-Punch machine, Teleporters, Monkey Bombs, and the Bowie Knife.

Call of Duty Black Ops

Treyarch took this mode to a new level with the first black ops game. It included five zombie maps. These include Kino der Toten, “Five”, Dead Ops Arcade, Ascension, Call of the Dead, Shangri-La and Moon.

Moreover, new perks and a wonder weapon were introduced with which players could crush zombies. One of the main reasons Black Ops Zombies remain iconic is because they introduce the Samantha Maxis storyline.

The Dischord Pistol is single-shot and fires energy projectiles. Kill these zombies with these and they spin around, reach out, tear apart and throw other zombies into the stratosphere.

World War 2

7. World War 2: The second attempt that the Sledgehammer Games made in Zombies mode was the very definition of boredom. While we did have issues with Advanced Warfare (read on!), It at least was ingenious. As usual, WWII Zombies were polished, tactile, and fun. You can describe each Zombie mode this way, and this one had exactly the same problem as Call of Duty: World War 2: nothing new to offer. Hope Vanguard has something better to offer. | © Activation

Advanced zombie warfare in CoD mode

Advanced Warfare

6. Advanced War: We could fool a few crap by placing this above WWII, but let’s be real, both modes are pretty lame. The reason we put him above WWII is simply because he was trying to do something new. Advanced Warfare introduced a lot of verticality to the whole of Call of Duty, and that definitely added to the experience, but wasn’t enough to make up for the horrible map design. | © Activation

CoD Black Ops 3 Zombie

Die Maschine took players to the famous scenery of Nacht der Untoten, hiding a sinister secret. Players can enter the Dark Aether and retrieve the Pack-a-Punch. The player saves a man named Orlov and uses four DIE Shockwave variants to complete the Easter Egg.

Fate and Fortune Cards

Improvements in a single match that can greatly increase the skill of an object. Build a deck of up to five cards to bring it into play. These cards can be earned in the game by completing challenges and advancing the story.

Bang Bangs, Trail Blazers and Slappy Taffy are some of the candies that provide players with unique skills. They can be found at stations all over the map.

Digital Deluxe Edition

Best Digital Value

Modern Warfare®

* At launch, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will only contain 10 MP maps from the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game. Additional MP maps will be available by December 31, 2016. Modern Warfare Remastered is a full game download. Internet connection required. For older versions of Infinite Warfare on PS4 and Xbox One on discs, the Infinite Warfare disc must be inserted to play Modern Warfare Remastered. Internet connection required. For more information, visit www.callofduty.com/MWR_FAQ

** Download Season Pass content from the Infinite Warfare in-game store. Pass buyers should not purchase map packs separately as additional fees will apply. Availability, pricing and release dates may vary by platform and territory. Season Pass content may be sold separately.

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The Zombies game mode has been a major factor in the success of Call of Duty. Today, the game mode has become synonymous with the series, and fans are driven into rebellion every time it is banned from the title. With that in mind, these are all Call of Duty titles where you can enjoy the zombie killing experience.

6: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is Treyarch’s most criticized zombie game. The game started with four maps and problems started right away. IX and Voyage of Despair played the Chaos Crew. The history of this crew confused the players at first and the characters were not to be liked. Dead of the Night is one of the DLCs for Black Ops 4, and Treyarch didn’t advertise the map. Ancient Evil completes the plot of Chaos, and the crew is imprisoned in Delphi, Greece.

The Aetheric Story was taken in Blood of the Dead, the remastered Mob of the Dead. The fourth map at the time of release was Classified, a remaster of Black Ops Five. The Primis and Ultimis crew travel to Alpha Omega, Nuketown’s remastered zombies. The Aether story ends in Tag Der Toten, a remaster of Call of the Dead.

The problems with Black Ops 4 zombies are obvious. Treyarch has overhauled the perk system and removed fan favorite perks from the game. They added 14 new perks to generic statues or machines, leaving few personalities for perks. The plot of Aether did not receive the original map in the game.

However, the redemptive factor of this game is experimentation. Players have more customization options in this game than in any of the previous zombie modes. The Easter eggs are much more special, especially for the Battle of Elephants IX and the Battle of Ancient Evil Pegasus. Even though this game largely failed, it made it possible to create maps like IX and Ancient Evil. The zombies in Black Ops 4 aren’t the best, but they’re far from the worst.

5: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The first and only time Infinity Ward delved into the zombie subspecies, there was an immediate response. Call of Duty fans were not satisfied with the next futuristic CoD.

However, zombies Infinite Warfare gave players a very unique ’80s-style zombie mode that was nailed down by Infinity Ward. Four actors named Andre, Pointdexter, Sally, and AJ are pulled into various maps, playing the script characters by the antagonist Willard Wyler. Infinity Ward took a similar approach to the Sledgehammer and closely resembled those of the Treyarch games. They also added their twist by making candy boxes out of them and creating a mystery circle. When the players fell they went to the arcade of the afterlife where they could play games to get back into the game faster.

Arriving in Zombies in Spaceland, players find themselves in an 80s theme park with zombies and crazy clowns. The One’s Rave in the Redwoods DLC is placed on a summer camp much like the ’90s slasher. In the DLC, two and three players traveled to New York in the 1970s to defeat the Rat King at Shaolin Shuffle, and the 1950s to defeat Crog-Zilla in Attack of the Radioactive Thing. Four The Beast from Beyond DLC marks the cast of the future with four maps with themes of their deliberate era. When the players finish the Easter Egg, they encounter the final cutscene with a big twist where Mephistopheles was pulling the strings. The Director’s Cut mode has allowed players to fight him, a unique reward for those who have completed all Easter Eggs.

The zombies from Infinite Warfare didn’t disappoint like Sledgehammer in their DLC season. Out of all the non-Treyarch zombies, Infinite Warfare takes the cake thanks to its consistent themes and unique approach to the zombie game mode.

Despite being much better than Advanced Warfare Zombies, World War II released after Infinite Warfare and Black Ops 3, both of which featured Zombie modes that were far superior to this particular trial.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies’ Most Infamous Slip-Up

While the Blackout mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was a huge success, the game was not without its drawbacks. The campaign was removed after several attempts to do something else, and the release date in early October meant the Zombies were launched in a bug-filled state. With the mode taking the risks associated with the new Chaos storyline as well as the controversial shift in perks, the community quickly became toxic. While there were a few aspects of the game that led to the outrage, there was constant talk of the broken promise of Zombies Factions.

Factions were delayed multiple times before being silently scrapped, which was a big disappointment for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies player base. Described by former Treyarch game director and studio boss Jason Blundell as Callings during the reveal event, players were allowed to join one of four groups – Bloodfaith, Tempus Novi, Dustborn, and First Legion. In addition to faction knowledge, players would receive seasonal challenges related to the faction of their choice.

Originally, along with factions, it was to be accompanied by 12 challenges in which players unlocked exclusive cosmetic items related to the faction of their choice. These will likely take the form of business cards, emblems, weapon variants, and face paint patterns in the game. While this feature could certainly add a new layer to Zombies, fans have wondered what could have been. However, based on the latest Call of Duty 2023 leak, Factions are finally making their way to Call of Duty Zombies in the next Treyarch project.

How Zombies Factions Will Work In Call of Duty 2023

The leaked Call of Duty 2023 feature description states that factions will give players access to six challenges (with a higher probability of appearing each season), and each of these six challenges will unlock a cosmetic item based on the group selected by the player. Once players become affiliated with the organization, they won’t be able to change their loyalty this season, so they’ll have to choose wisely. Three of the four factions return with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, as players can choose between Dark Aether, Omega, and Requiem.

As for the fourth group, fans are in the dark as the photos leaked show that no assets are ready for the fourth faction so far. It will replace the Maxis faction, which is understandable given Samantha’s sacrifice in the final Forsaken cutscene. It remains to be seen whether the substitute faction will re-focus on one character like Peck, or whether it will be another proper group that is entirely new to the Dark Aether narrative.

When it comes to cosmetics related to the six factions, Call of Duty Zombies fans will likely see each group’s logo in Operator skins and weapon blueprints. Crystal-covered weapons for the Dark Aether faction make sense as players carry weapons that appear to have spent time in an alternate dimension. Omega and Requiem patches can also be transformed into emblems, and characters belonging to the two organizations will be featured on special business cards. Given that the original plan for the factions included knowledge of each group, audio journals and documents can serve as potential rewards as well.

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Cold War zombies Exfil

So you can actually survive the Cold War zombies, which is the first series. If you decide to end the run and you and your buddies want to leave the zombies behind, Exfil will add some tough final rounds in return for permanent rewards. You can expect the number of zombie respawns to be up to 11 in the final rounds, so be prepared.

In this way, the Treyarch makes all weapons useful even in the later waves of the run. As a result, wall purchase weapons and mystery boxes will have a number of rarities, with damage buffs and other rare weapon stats. Thanks to this, you will have to change zombie equipment early.

Mystery box and Pack-a-Punch

The mysterious box returns to the Cold War zombies, giving players powerful weapons to defeat hordes of zombies. You can find mysterious boxes scattered all over the map in seven locations:

  • Weapons laboratory
  • Medical bay
  • Courtyard
  • Omega Outpost
  • Particle accelerator
  • Joint
  • Place of failure

Opening a mystery box requires the mighty 950 zombie essence. These chests can contain any rarity weapon, including the Mighty DIE Shockwave and classic Ray Gun weapons.

Pack-a-Punch is also back, this time with a new name: The Forge. Upgrade your weapon up to three times and apply the Pack-a-Punch Weapon Ammo Mod – you can do this on any Pack-a-Punch machine.

We’ll be updating this guide as Treyarch releases post-release content, so stay tuned for more zombie info.

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